About Alambic Investment Management

San Francisco-based Quants:  Alambic Investment Management has automated the equity research process to create a systematic approach to stock selection and portfolio construction based on fundamental valuation principles. The investment team has deep backgrounds in equity research and engineering, and deep commitments to scientific and statistical rigor.  Alambic’s principles and process are steeped with a unique combination of conceptual acumen and statistical dexterity.  The deep understanding of what drives equity valuations and the keen ability to develop models, differentiates Alambic from its peers.

Alambic is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.   


Alambic’s Products


Alambic has leveraged its valuation-based, systematic investment process to create alpha-generating investment products, for individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

The proprietary platform facilitates the development and testing of custom portfolios to suit investors’ unique requirements including:

  • Market exposure
  • Specific benchmarks
  • Volatility and leverage
  • Universe constraints, and
  • Tax management

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Alambic’s History


Albert Richards and Brian Thomson were assigned to the same office space on their first day in the Chemical Engineering PhD program at MIT. Twenty-five years later, they again, moved into the same office (in Bert’s home) to start Alambic Investment Management.  Scott McBride, who worked with Bert at Citigroup, and another colleague rounded out the founding team and after a few months of coding, the team moved to office space in San Francisco’s Financial District.

The team spent the first three years building the data management, returns estimation and portfolio optimization platform that drives Alambic’s quantitative strategies. Before launching their first product to outside investors, the team used the strategy to trade a personal account at Interactive Brokers.

Since 2013, the firm has continuously improved its process, scaled operations and added products to its offerings.

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Alambic’s Team


Alambic is an employee-owned business dedicated to the pursuit of investment greatness.  We have complementary talents, eclectic hobbies and a deep commitment to our investors and each other.

Meet the Alambic Team